Situs judi bola resmi – Best tips for you

1) Stay as humble as possible. Realize that you can’t win every time. Think of every game as just a part of your career. If your losing, take a break or just quite for the day if it looks like it’s just not your day. But don’t dwell too long.

2) Never be intimidated. More advanced players recognize this and play it to their advantage. Whether you play tight, loose or in the middle, an advanced player will work your fears towards their advantage and your disadvantage.

3) Don’t be a fish. Fish are happy at the roulette, slots, or craps trying to get lucky. Good poker players do NOT try to get lucky. Good players play up to their skill hoping that the fish will not get lucky.

4) Don’t get married to a hand just because it started off really strong. If you start strong and then it becomes apparent that you won’t win, don’t be shy to fold. Losing a little on the fold is a lot better than staying in the whole way and losing more money.

5) Playing too many hands is bad strategy. Almost all beginners stay in way too many hands. By being smart and folding more often, your chances of winning more increases as well as the amounts you lose in the losing hands.

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