Top 5 Online casino Tips

Here are some online poker tips to help you win more pots.

1) Be familiar with the game your playing. The more familiar you are with the game your playing, the more comfortable you’ll feel betting and not feel as lost.

2) Understanding the difference between casino poker and online poker in very important. Usually casino poker rooms have greater competition. Online poker tends to be a little tighter than casino rooms, but there are always “exceptions to the rule”.

3) Keep yourself fresh. Take breaks to keep your mind focused and also to keep yourself fed. Walk around, get fresh air or even take a nap. Breaks also help a lot during a run of bad luck or bad play.

4) STUDY, STUDY, STUDY – PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. The best and easiest way to improve your game is to study and practice. Study books or videos and practice at low stakes and free games to get a better feel for poker. Poker has been around for centuries and there is always someone better so study and practice.

5) Along with studying goes the need for the math. Know the percentages of completing a hand vs. you opponent completing what he might be going for. Knowing the odds gives you a better chance of staying in and folding the correct hands.

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